Want to check your bailiff debt?

You can check out these sites:
Federal Court Bailiff Service www.fssprus.ru
or the Federal Tax Service www.service.nalog.ru

Citizenship for a child born abroad

If you have a birth certificate of a foreign country, then you do not need to issue a Russian birth certificate, since the fact of birth has already been initially registered by the relevant authorities of a foreign state, which is absolutely equivalent to the Russian birth certificate. If you want to make citizenship to a child, you need to apostille a foreign birth certificate in your city (Commonwealth of your state) or (state authentication for Canada), translate into Russian and notarize the translator's signature.

International passport

For young people aged 18-27, when submitting documents, you must provide the original form #32 or a copy of a military ID.

Name transliteration

If you are not sure of the Latin writing of your surname and name, you should check the spelling on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation because the name is written in the passport by the system automatically according to the current transliteration adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Next step

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