PFR Agency - offers the service of urgent registration of foreign passports of the Russian Federation of the old sample for all citizens of the Russian Federation temporarily or permanently residing in the United States and Canada for a period of 5 years.

The help in registration is made:

  • WITHOUT personal attendance at the filing and receipt of documents.
  • WITHOUT recording standby.

Documents can be submitted and received at the PFR Agency office, as well as by mail. Available options for urgent registration of foreign passports of the old sample (for a period of 5 years) for adults and children over 14 years in case there is a valid internal passport.


  • 35 working days - $ 650 
  • 22-23 business days - $ 750 
  • 15-17 working days - $ 810
  • 10-12 working days - $ 1070
  • 7-8 business days - $ 1900
  • 5-6 business days - $ 2250
  • 3-4 business days - $ 3450

Registration is made according to the working days of the Russian Federation.

If you have certain conditions for submission of documents or you are interested in a special service when submitting documents, please specify the cost by calling  +1 (804) 351 71 63, prices may vary in each case. Work with documents begins from the moment we receive payment from you and the necessary documents.


Part 1 - you must provide us in the original by mail or in person at the office :

  • The original of the current internal passport of the Russian Federation (for making a mark on the issuance of a foreign passport, will be returned to you along with a new foreign passport);
  • Personal check / money order / cashier check with payment (including return delivery * if you want to receive ready documents by mail) addressed to PFR Agency.

Part 2 - must be sent electronically to our mail

  • A completed application form on the old-style international passport;
  • Photo 3.5 * 4.5 cm, in the color of the applicant for a passport;
  • A copy of the previous passport (the main page with a photo);
  • A copy of the current internal passport of the Russian Federation (main turn and turn with registration); all pages with stamps of change, like a marriage or passport, that were issued before.
  • If there were changes in the name / last name, copies of documents confirming each change of the name / last name are necessary.
  • A copy of the current internal passport of the Russian Federation of one of the parents, if the passport is issued to a minor (under 18).

Important: the spelling of the name and last name in Latin in the passport is made by the system automatically according to the current transliteration adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. When the new passport is ready, we inform the customer about the readiness by providing a copy of the new passport in electronic form and we report the delivery time. Additionally, a DHL tracking number is provided to track receipt. We will send the finished documents to UPS with the option “DSR - Direct Signature Required”.

Attention: postage for sending ready documents in the amount of $ 70 (DHL in the USA and 80$ Canada are paid additionally to the amount of your order. If you need more urgent delivery (overnight, priority overnight) or delivery on Saturday, let us know. We will inform you the exact cost for your shipping address.

Next step

All you need is to contact us by phone or email and we will save you from problems with paperwork, long wait, and guarantee reliable service in the shortest possible time.